Risk Management + COVID-19

Learn About How To Enjoy Our Urban Oasis & Have A Relaxing Spa Visit In Accordance With Our Updated Policies:

Our top priority has always been to bring an unparalleled experience of healing and rejuvenation to our guests. During the global COVID-19 pandemic our resolve is stronger than ever.
At d’mai, we have always maintained the highest standards cleanliness, because let’s acknowledge it, without that one cannot even begin to create luxury. There simply is no luxury without it. d’mai is now certified in cleaning |disinfection| sanitization disinfection. We have thoughtfully monitored our treatment processes to ensure we are in compliance with the CDC guidelines as well as New York city and state regulations. We know that you need our urban oasis. Risk management matters to us. We have partnered with independent spa owners, massage studio owners, spa educators, from the New York area, because we believe that sharing information is imperative.

Out Of Respect For Our Team Members And Our Guests, We Commit To Building Trust And Confidence By:

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  • Upon arrival our spa host will warmly welcome you from behind a safety screen.
  • Guest temperatures will be taken with a contactless reading. 99.3 or less to enter.
  • Only one guest (or 1 biological bubble) will be using the changing room each check-in/out cycle. Changing rooms will be disinfected between uses.
  • We have staggered our booking times. There will only be 2 persons checking-in at a time. It will enable you, our priority to move freely about d’mai while maintain social distancing levels.
  • All guests and d’maiTeam members will wear masks.
  • Our sauna may be enjoyed by reservation on a first come/first serve basis. (15-minute intervals). Changing rooms will be disinfected + sanitized between uses.
  • Individually wrapped snacks, teas and infused waters will be served to guests in lieu of communal snacks.
  • Most importantly we ask that you refrain from visiting d’mai if you or a household member have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms or a communicable illness. We will call 24 hours prior to your reservation to ask health-screening questions. A 50% service fee will be charged at that time.
  • In compliance with NYS Phase 3 guidelines d’mai team members will be COVID-19 tested every 14 days and have temperatures taken every morning to ensure our team is healthy for work.

How to Spa

A visit to d’mai is your break from the everyday. Here is how to better enjoy our oasis.

  • Please keep all conversation to a whisper to help preserve our tranquil environment. We prefer cell phones be kept in your secure locker, however if you choose to stay connected while in our oasis, all cell phones must be muted. Please be mindful that many guests prefer to be unplugged while at d’mai. Please be not only quiet but discreet while using any electronic devices. Thank you.
  • d’mai is designed solely for adults. Children are fondly thought of here but not seen. We are a 16+ wellness spa. We are grateful for your understanding.
  • Your comfort matters to us. You may wish to wear your own undergarments or we can provide you with hygienic disposable briefs. Alternatively, treatments may be enjoyed without clothes. Choose what is most comfortable for you. Our professional therapists will always use draping techniques to respect your privacy.
  • Please inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions and/or special needs.
  • Although you will have a locker during your stay, we still ask that your valuables be left at home. d’mai is not responsible for lost jewelry or other personal effects. 

Breathe deeply…relax your mind and feel the calm…. Welcome to d’mai.