“We create your perfect balance of relaxation and restoration in every d’mai massage treatment.”


Signature Sessions at d’mai are blended sessions of artful combinations of several modalities including up to 20 minutes of deep tissue work, swedish stroke, as well as point-work. We believe blended sessions combined with a detailed intake from your therapist designed intake from your therapist will enable a session that will ensure you enable your session to be both therapeutic as well as relaxing; everything you wish for from a luxury massage. Each signature session begins with your choice of a personally selected aromatherapy chakra oil from Kanya’s fine line of oils and, then you slip into the zone…and breathe. 60 min/$155 • 90 min/$225


Hot Stone Therapy promotes deep muscle relaxation through the use of smooth heated basalt stones. Our d’mai massage therapist will use the stones as an extension of your therapist’s hands. This treatment is sublimely relaxing. 60 min/$165 • 90 min/$235


CBD Pain Relief Massage is a NON-INTOXICATING anti-inflammatory treatment. The treatment oils used in this session are purely derived from the hemp plant and have been touted to provide relief for persons living with chronic pain and inflammation. There is everything good to say about CBD and everybody is talking about it. Isn’t it time you tried it? 60 min/$170 • 90 min/$240


Balancing massage combines the hot therapies of hot stones and heat packs with cold therapies such as cold stones and cooling Biofreeze gel and anti-inflammatory Arnica used to reduce inflammation and relieve tired and aching muscles. The combination of hot and cold therapies will help to detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic system. This massage is soothing, enlivening and regenerating. 60 min/$165 • 90 min/$235


Prenatal Massage Therapy focuses on the special needs of the mom-to-be during postural and anatomical changes associated during pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, helps rid discomfort caused by hyper-kyphosis, lordosis, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. We have been known to perform prenatal sessions well past due dates and have even sent moms-to be off so happily comfortable that they momentarily have forgotten they are carrying baby! 60 min/$165 • 90 min/$235


Couples’ Massage sessions are side by side massages housed in our beautiful wood decked cabana with a chocolate treat and rose petals to dress the massage tables. Treatments are designed after a brief consultation with the therapists to create the perfect synchronized experience for you and your partner. Escape together at our Brooklyn oasis, no plane ticket needed. 60 min/$320 • 90 min/$460