“Face time! Luscious face treatments for all skin types using only clean beauty products.”


This delicious primer facial is everything you expect from d’mai. Our luxury intro is suitable for all skin types and of course includes deep pore extraction. The Rebalance offers 2 levels of exfoliation, a customized treatment mask and all the spa yummies. $155


The d’mai signature facial features an exfoliation boost of an ultra-hydrating, no-down time, all natural peel. We choose salicylic, lactic or glycolic, based on your best result making this exceptionally luxe facial a major face refresh. $200


This acne fighting confidence boosting facial clears the now blemishes and helps keeps away the future breakouts. Ample time is spent on the dreaded deep pore extraction, but it is worth it. We oil balance, nourish and improves texture and the appearance of your skin. $160


The deeply restorative Glow is perfect for all faces especially extra sensitive ones. But we designed this with moms-to-be in mind. Special for all but especially during pregnancy, she will love the simple effective food inspired products + the use of rose quartz. $160


Reveal your beautiful glow with our most dynamic face treatment. This facial will thoroughly transform your skin. Think of our primer Rebalance facial and then we add both our diamond tip microdermabrasion and a peel. $265


You have adult acne, but you need anti-aging and won’t live without luxury? This is your facial. We combine state-of- the-art technology and high-performance ingredients to heel your skin from adult acne and we boost the acne fighting with the power of the blue LED light. $310


LOVE your skin with our anti-aging treatment that helps to repair environmental damage, erase fine lines and wrinkles, and firm the skin. Our red LED light delivers both immediate and long-term results of smooth, radiant and plump skin. The Ultimate is sublime. $310


Our advanced resurfacing treatment uses the finest diamond-tip microdermabrasion available. Various tip sizes so sensitive areas can be done safely. Our highly skilled aestheticians will to shed your devitalized skin and reveal the radiance of your healthy nourished. $160


Infrared red and blue light therapy served up in an aaahhhhh-spa setting. Red light reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, calms rosacea, and stimulates collagen production. Blue light kills bacteria, heals acne and can prevent future breakouts.  $165


Our peels require no down-time and are totally natural. The strongest exfoliation you can get without using harsh chemicals or machines. We select the perfectly right acid for your skin (salicylic, lactic or glycolic) to reveal your beautiful healthy glow from within. Perfect pre-party prep. Face Peel $95 • Chest Peel $100 • Back Peel $120