“We have a gorgeous variety of scrubs, polishes and unique treatments for every body.”


We think our body Polish is much more special than any scrub you have done before. Inspired by an Eastern bathing ritual by our friends at Red Flower, we use the most delicious body care products from their Japan line. With 7 layers of exfoliation and hydration this treatment nurtures the soul, nourishes the body and polishes your skin. $195 (60 minutes)


Sometimes you need the extra ooommphhh of a head to toe peel. A careful application of Lactic/Salicylic acid peel boosts our body Polish to the Ultimate skin care experience for those times when you need to go the extra mile to brighten and purify. Perfect for maturing, sun damaged, dry, rough, or blemish prone skin. The Ultimate Polish is perfect for those extra special occasions, after a summer of sun exposure and to revitalize after winter’s harshness. $260 (90 minutes)


This express treatment does exactly what you need it to do. Our salt glow will leave your skin freshly exfoliated and deliciously nourished. Salts are enhanced with essential oils which relax the senses and soothe the skin in true d’mai style. $125 (45 minutes)


This indulgent experience seamlessly blends our signature polish body scrub with extended aspects of shiatsu and Swedish massage. This special experience encourages breathe, release and deep relaxation while providing luxurious skin softening and deep exfoliation from neck to toe. Our only spa journey to be a single service, our Soulful Journey is a massage and skin care treat that truly speaks to the soul. $280 (90 minutes)