what is d’mai wellness?

d’mai Wellness brings “spa alchemy” to spa owners, brand innovators, lifestyle brands and wellness seekers through a wealth of curated services. d’mai Wellness offers a menu of wellness services funneled through the nurturing and thoughtful hands of spa aficionado and founder: Daniella Stromberg, the “d” and the heart of d’mai.  With her degree in holistic wellness, Daniella opened her acclaimed Brooklyn day spa d’mai Urban Spa in 2004 on Valentine’s Day, a perfect metaphor as Daniella’s approach to owning an independent business, stems from LOVE. Just shy of twenty years, Daniella closed her love infused brick and mortar “Best Day Spa” in Brooklyn, and has now launched d’mai Wellness, where she can bring her  holistic expertise to everyone with no walls or boundaries.  Based in the North Fork of Long Island, amidst the salty sea air and the beauty of the vineyards, d’mai Wellness offers its “Circle of Care”services locally and across the country. For wellness is limitless.


All luxe, no snobbery, always a smile and an inviting warm welcome. We hold the burdens as well as the solutions in our nurturing hands. Let us guide you or your business on your wellness journey.


d’mai Wellness innovates real life moments and simple rituals to create a holistic approach to  wellbeing. We consult with spas to uplift their customers’ and guests’ experiences from the everyday to the transcendent. We work with C-suite teams and staff with our curated training system that will transform the smallest details into sublime transformational rituals which in turn, will result in greater revenue and overall “well being.”Our alchemy has been proven through a successful career of innovations in the most competitive and discerning luxury market of  Brooklyn where we transformed a 4600sqft. warehouse into a resort-inspired urban zen spa which for over 20 years consistently was a top grossing day spa in NYC. Our ROI was exceptional and our expertise in team management created efficiencies and long-term employee retention, multi-functional staff structures and team growth which we can now bring to you. Our excellence in developing holistic 5-star luxury protocols for both operations and branded services sets us apart from other consultants who may not see “You.” At d’mai, we listen intently and mindfully to your needs. We then create a systematic and curated approach for action. 


Are you concerned about your skin or clean beauty regime? Join us for a Personal Clean Beauty Consult. Schedule a virtual session, or if you are in the North Fork or passing through, we can do an in-person appointment.  It’s fun, eye-opening and will definitely save you from buying those lack-luster products that do nothing and are not “clean” at all!  Bring your current skin care products and let us do a clean beauty review. Together we will go over each product in your current skin care regimen, discuss ingredients, toxicity, and efficacy. We will plan a curated, affordable, truly clean, non-toxic, routine that fits your lifestyle. We will develop seasonal routines and product recommendations curated just for you. 


Missing your favorite d’mai Brooklyn therapist? Do not fret! We are here and ready to set you up with the trusted healer of your dreams who will come directly to you. All d’mai trained therapists get to know you, your body, your wellness needs, and skin care goals all in the comfort of your own home. Our team of healers are exceptional practitioners who will bring the elegance and d’mai touch to your own cocoon. We can get you in touch with your old favorite therapist or we can find a new healer that is perfect for right now. 


Stay tuned friends! Our next brick and mortar is coming to the North Fork of Long Island in the not-too-distant future. It will be a gorgeous, sea-air filled oasis where you can shop, sip on a glass of local wine and unwind as you peruse our delicious wellbeing finds. At d’mai Modern Apothecary, you’ll be able to choose from luxe brands, carefully selected by us. We are having the greatest time sourcing the shows and gathering the best of the best clean beauty brands. Looking to work with companies that share the d’mai values: companies that make products that are kind to your skin, great for your bodies, good to their workforce and love our planet. We will only be bringing in goods that not only work, but are cruelty free, paraben free and free of corporate policies that go against our global views. And…we’ll have a lifestyle section filled with gorgeous, luscious items to make everyday “a spa inspired day.” Sign up for updates so we can let you know when our pretty new shop will be open so you can come by, take a breath, unwind, rejoice and rejuvenate. We can’t wait to see you all! 


daniella mai stromberg



Daniella Stromberg grew up on the vibrant streets of NYC, in the full-spectrum technicolor of the 1970s. Her teachers described her as “delightfully social.” Anything and everything that made life cozier was and still is Daniella’s obsession. Luxe, chic, cozy and comfortable became her passion, hotel lobby lounges were her favorite place to hangout and concentrate on getting homework done.

It’s no wonder Daniella got her degree in holistic wellness. She went from being a private wellness coach with a celebrity clientele to eventually opening her beloved d’mai urban oasis in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2004. She was a trailblazer as no one had opened anything on the strip of 5th avenue at that time, it was an Avenue of empty storefronts. She turned a barren neighborhood into a burgeoning one with d’mai urban spa being the neighborhood nucleus and healing center. Daniella received the prestigious award of Brooklyn’s best business owner and won best “spa of year” year after year. Due to the Covid pandemic, d’mai Urban Spa, the precious oasis had to close its doors. Daniella now resides on the North Fork of Long Island. Her clients call her “a true believer of inner beauty, a nurturing spirit, and a fearless, intentional business leader with the heart of an angel.”